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Account manager

Третьяковская, Новокузнецкая, ул. Садовническая, д. 14, стр. 2
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Role description

Viseven Team is looking for a responsible Account Manager who will take care about our target clients and ensure their loyalty. Viseven need a reliability manager for a global project. A specialist's responsibilities include tracking and supporting the clients' tasks, supplying each client with a customized approach, supporting good relationships with the client (even after the transaction has been completed), offering new services and products.

Working with us you will be able to grow professionally, gain a unique expertise and a new perspective about the work you do.

About our company

Viseven Group is an international IT company with 10 years of experience specializing in interactive content and cloud-based solutions for global pharmaceutical companies. Constant growth and self-development is in our corporate DNA. Our unique developments and approaches are actively used in more than 30 countries all over the world. Viseven's solutions are represented at major industry events in Barcelona, Philadelphia, London, etc. The rapidly expanding team includes highly-skilled tech- and non-technical experts: front- and back-end developers, BA specialists and managers who create, localize and customize applications at 8 offices in 5 countries: in Russia (Moscow), Ukraine (Kiev, Zhytomyr, Vynnytsia), Estonia (Tallinn), Canada (Saint John), and USA (Bridgewater, NJ).

About us

We are Viseven Team – more than 300 talented inspired specialists who provide services on the highest level since 2009. Our mission, as for a company with huge number of professionals, is to create the most comfortable conditions for development and creativity.

We use our own product every day to promote healthy lifestyle and assisting in developing business opportunities for our clients all over the world. Our goal is to build a product that is easy to use, and we are always on the look out for similarly product- minded and smart business people to join us.Role Responsibilities

Your key responsibilities as an Account Manager will be to:

  • Establish and develop the long-term relationships with new and already existing customers
  • Build and maintain strong, long-lasting customer relationships
  • Create presentations
  • Conduct business negotiations
  • Promote and sell the company's products
  • Prepare commercial offers
  • Conduct remote and full-time clients training
  • Provide product trainings for the clients
  • Create presentations using the company tool - eWizard
  • Coordinate the work of the creative department and the development department
  • Provide the clients with the company solutions on time
  • Provide substantial support for existing customers
  • Monitor the quality of support
  • Maintain the project workflow
  • Coordinate the implementation of contractual relationships with clients
  • Conduct and report on the client's development

Required Professional skills and knowledge:

  • 2+ years of successful working experience as a Sales or Account Manager (prefer- ably in sales of software products or services in the IT industry)
  • Negotiation experience
  • Personal qualities such as responsibility, communication skills, reliability
  • Experience in client-focused solutions delivering based on customers' needs
  • Experience in presentations creation (from scratch), experienced Power Point user

What we provide:

We understand that our employees are essential to making our goals a reality, so we empower them to share their vision. We reward this kind of passion with a highly competitive salary and exceptional benefits:

  • Passionate experienced team and enjoyable working environment
  • Professional and career growth
  • Official employment
  • Paid leave - 28 calendar days
  • Compensated lunch and free tea/coffee and snacks
  • Healthcare Insurance - including dentist and gym
  • Regular corporate events and team-buildings
  • Decent level of remuneration, discussed at the meeting
  • Work in a convenient office near the m. Novokuznetskaya


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